Ankle Sprain Explanation

Ankle Sprain Explanation

Ankle Sprains are extremely common injuries.
In fact ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in urgent cares and emergency departments.

Very rarely, if ever do these need be treated surgically in the acute setting.
The vast majority of people get better with physical therapy, some form of immobilization.

I mentioned in the video varying degrees of sprains and a particular test that we perform called the anterior drawer test.
Patients who are clinically unstable(with this test) do much better with a period of immobilization in a boot prior to beginning physical therapy, usually 2 weeks. This gives the ligament fibers an opportunity to heal.

Patients who have no instability can much more quickly and effectively perform functional rehabilitation of the ankle days after injury.
Because there are so many degrees of injury every patient is unique and a physical examination allows for the determination of how to proceed next.

Chronic ankle instability is something that can occur and statistically occurs on a 20% basis.
These are patients that despite physical therapy and proper mobilization continue to have persistent sprains which predispose them to irregular joint wear and essentially the initiation of arthritis.

If you are suffering from a chronic sprain it is important to see a specialist to assess whether or not you are at a higher risk for arthritis.

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Dr. Martina Randall

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